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Forward Golf Academy Established in Shenzhen

Forward Golf Academy was established and unveiled in Shenzhen on Mar. 29, 2009 as a branch of Forward Management Group. It is the promotional body for the junior golf program Sticks For Kids managed by the foundation under GCBAA in China. The Academy was initiated by Mr. Wang Jun, the board chairman of FMG. Mr. Wang Zhi is the president of the Academy.

As an important component of FMG golf culture and brand, Forward Golf Academy aims at providing trainees with international education concepts. The Academy provides the education system that fit for every trainee best according to trainees' personal level to arouse their full potentials, to improve their skills quickly and to enable them to enjoy golf for life.

The Academy also bears the mission of promoting and popularizing junior golf. It is going to set up a top junior golf team in China to cultivate outstanding junior golf players and to construct a first class junior golf-training base.

Forward Golf Academy will use more group training mode but not 1 to 1 education, which is different with other golf education bodies. Such education mode will better exert the strong suit of every coach. The potentials of trainees can be aroused to make them excellent golf players but not unknown golf fans by giving differentiated education focusing on different levels of trainees.

With respect to popularization and promotion of junior golf, Forward Golf Academy is going to provide Forward junior golf popularization course and to set up Forward junior golf team and Forward junior golf elite team focusing on junior trainees of different levels and development orientation. It is going to take the education methods other than individual education to form a junior golf education system and to provide overall training of skills, psychological consultation, etiquette and rules education and etc. It will organize its trainees to attend various junior events and give directions on competitions.

the Unveiling Ceremony

the First Youth Trainees

Mr. Wangzhi, the President of Forward Golf Academy

the front desk of Forward Golf Academy

Congratulation Baskets from Working Partners